Blackeyed Susan - Electric Rattlebone + Just A Taste 2CD


Blackeyed Susan - Electric Rattlebone + Just A Taste 2CD


2CDs / Remastered reissue including the 2nd album Just A Taste for the first time on CD. Former BRITNY FOX frontman Dean Davidson put together a new outfit following an acrimonious split from his former band mates, amidst tales of punch ups in hotel corridors and accusations that the other members of the band had been more interested in playing Nintendo than rehearsing. Officially the reason he quit BRITNY FOX was, according to the biography released by Polygram, that he had been disturbed by a trend towards complacency and homogenization in rock n roll. Once BLACKEYED SUSAN had been put together no less than eight labels were beating a path to his door...Amongst the first to join Davidson in this new venture was guitarist/keyboardist Rick Criniti who had previously been a side-man with CINDERELLA, whilst bassist Erik Levy s main prior claim to fame had been designing the BRITNY FOX logo. The album, released almost a year to the day Davidson quit BRITNY FOX was produced by Randy Cantor. Taking their cue from the early Seventies, BLACKEYED SUSAN travelled the Blues Rock path but had enough of their own originality to compete on a level playing field. The Track None of It matters , a Cantor composition, later turned up on the OPEN SKYZ début album. The band split after Mercury pulled the plug on their tour support whilst Davidson & Co, were out on the road in America with BULLETBOYS and THE SCREAM in late '91. Whilst Davidson went on to form a new mob, GYPSY SUN, Levy teamed up with former FEMME FATALE front woman Lorraine Lewis, who he was briefly married to, in a Christian outfit. Davison was to later be co-credited with ex-HANOI ROCKS man Sam Yaffa as a Producer on New-Yorkers DOGTOWN BALLADEERS debut EP.


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