Love/Hate - Let's Rumble (Remastered + Bonus Tracks)



Love/Hate - Let's Rumble (Remastered + Bonus Tracks)


REMASTERED VERSION + 5 BONUS TRACKS and 1 JAPANESE EXCLUSIVE TRACK (Black Iguana). FULL BOOKLET WITH PICS AND LYRICS - Booted by Sony, Love/Hate refuse to die, cranking the jets on this visceral brash rocker of classic proportions, again blowing the doors off with the first few tracks, then becoming merely one of the best bands in the world for the back half. So Let's Rumble opens the show with an expansive boom, Spinning Wheel gets head- banged and tribal, The Boozer gets technical, then Wrong Side Of The Grape enters friggin' metal Valhalla, offering one of the band's odd-timed hiccup beats, a nasty riff from new guitarist Darren Householder (Jon E. Love is back on l'm Not Happy), and a fab Love/Hate chorus that is all hook, fang and finger. Only a couple are less than inspiring to start fires (Devil's Squaw and Sexical), with the record as a whole sounding a bit more morose, less flashy and truly genius, somehow closer and more combat-hungry. Other fave: Beer Money, doing that frantic but artful thing these metal masters can crank at will, and If You Believe In Miracles, which is an edgy, metaphysical blues ballad with a clouds-break- ing chorus that builds to a morally bankrupt conclusion that seduces the listener into bitter grey angst with more authority than any number of ranting alterno- geeks. Oh, and l would say Here's To You gets pretty much the same soul-crushing result, through more of a hard- hitting, yet still bluesy assault.


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