PAL - Prime

RELEASE DATE: 26/01/2018


PAL - Prime


PAL is a Swedish musical collaboration between guitarist Roger Ljunggren, Peter Andersson and Peo Pettersson. Roger and Peter, longtime friends, started writing and playing music together way back. They first got to know each other in the early eighties. Growing up in Skara, a small town in the south-west of Sweden sharing a passion for music and especially for songwriting. They sweat out together in a small rehearsal studio together with some other local musicians. The band started in 1987 when a demo was recorded in Peo's studio, Vanäs, for a band called Escape, which at that moment was short of a singer and Peo helped out. Now, thirty years later, the three musicians are making music together again. The songs on the debut album "Prime" are a collaboration between the three - where Roger wrote the music and recorded the guitars and solos and Peter arranged, produced and played the bass. Peo then added the vocals. Mauritz Petersson was hired to do the drums. You can surely hear vintage elements in their music, but this time with a more modern approach and passion for the music they all grew up with.


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