Rockett Love - Grab The Rocket

RELEASE DATE: 28/04/2017


Rockett Love - Grab The Rocket


After only one song on iTunes and Spotify and without any commercial backup, Swedish melodic rock band Rockett Love received a great deal of radio time and a fully seated venue playing their debut gig. The song "Rocket Love" had a big viral spin when Beau Hill took it to his studio and produced it. The band started early 2015 when singer/songwriter Daniel Samuelsson met guitarist Stefan Westerlund at a local reunion concert. Fueled by mutual interest in 80s rock, the two began recording original material in Daniel’s studio. "It became clear right away that we had something worthwhile after the first couple of songs," says Daniel, "Stefan and I just clicked and we knew the time was right to bring back this classic sound with a modern production." The two began working on the EP "The Best Is Yet To Come" and contacted lead guitarist Gustav Eklund. He gave Rockett Love the tone and energy with his magic fingers that you only hear listening to great masters such as Michael Schenker and Gary Moore. Four songs were recorded and the project emerged into a band. Bass player Dennis Vestman (Grand Design, Steel Attack) and drummer Fredrik Ahlin completed the band's line-up. Fredrik and Daniel had a history as musical friends in both Sour System and Slip Into Silk. With the band being complete and some new songs recorded, Rockett Love entered the stage at Rockland, Sweden. Together with Grand Design they sold out the venue and the viral spin began. They had a really great song and sound in form of the track "Rocket Love". The band traveled all the way to the USA to meet Beau Hill, who produced the track. Rockett Love released "Rocket Love" on various digital platforms in June 2016. With several gigs and a fast growing audience, the Swedes hit the studio to record their full-length debut album "Grab The Rockett" in the autumn/winter of 2016. Halfway through the studio session, RL contacted Studio Haga and met up with young producer Christian Svedin. He had the ears, the courage and the stamina to lift the band even more. The process in the studio shaped the tone of the band to what and where RL is today, and after almost a year of writing, recording and producing, the album "Grab The Rocket is now ready to show the world what good hard rock music is all about.


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