The Darren Phillips Project - Volume One

RELEASE DATE: 23/09/2017


The Darren Phillips Project - Volume One


The Darren Phillips Project began in May 2016 whilst its namesake was hosting his own melodic rock radio show in Sydney Australia. 


Darren began interviewing band members and the conversation soon turned to their mutual love of songwriting. A lot of artists requested, that he sends some demos their way. The response was, that they should work together on something. So, the ‘Darren Phillips Project’ was born!


Working in collaboration with his producing and writing partner, Dan Skeed - Darren began the songwriting and recruitment process.

The first single ‘Defying Gravity’ with members of Degreed and White Widdow, was met with great praise which, opened the door for further collaborations. Darren has since worked with Robbie LaBlanc - vocals (Cannonballz, Fury, Blanc Faces, Find Me),  Dennis Ward – Bass Player & Producer  (Pink Cream 69, Unisonic & Khymera and more), Herman Furin - Drums (Groundbreaker, Work Of Art & more), Dennis Butabi Borg – Bassist (CRUZH), Michael Palace – Singer and Multi-instrumentalist (Palace), Erik Heikne – Guitarist (Miss Behaviour), Jace Pawlak – Singer/Songwriter, Australian glam rock band Sisters Doll, Phil Lindstrand – Songwriter/Guitarist, Andreas Gullstrand – Guitarist (Creye & Grand). Tracks mastered by Erik Mårtensson – Singer/Songwriter, Musician & Producer (Eclipse, Ammunition, Nordic Union, W.E.T and more) and Harry Hess – Singer/Guitarist (Harem Scarem) and Producer to many. 
The first collection of tracks was released independently on the album titled Volume One on the 23rd September 2017.

Darren is currently hard at work on Volume Two, which will be released in the first quarter of 2021.