X-Romance - Voices From The Past

RELEASE DATE: 24/05/2019


X-Romance - Voices From The Past


X-Romance was initially a project started in 2015 as an offspring to the original band Romance from 1988, founded by Anders Rönnblom & Thomas Widmark. In the fall of 2015, Anders was going through a box of old tapes and found the old Romance recordings. He called Thomas, because he thought that these tapes were just too good to be put in a box and stored in a closet. In the following time, they went through all the tracks and rerecorded them. Widmark started to look for musicians in the Stockholm area. There were no problems finding guys who wanted be a part of this project. It was rather harder to find the right guys for the job. X-Romance consists of an experienced line-up of musicians with a lot of experience in the music industry who now have come together to deliver this fresh AOR masterpiece, called “Voices From The Past”. The album was recorded and mixed at Reflection Sounds Studio, Stockholm and engineered and produced by Tomas Rosenberg & Thomas Widmark. Mastered by Tomas Rosenberg at the same studio.


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