In 2020, the world is a different place and RSD has had to adapt to fit into this different place. Sadly, it is not possible for #RSD20 to take place on June 20th but instead, RSD is officially social distancing!


The official titles will now be available from record shops on one of the following RSD Drop dates:

29.08.20 --- 26.09.20 --- 24.10.20

A new version of “The List” with assigned release dates and details on how to get RSD releases will be launched on 1st June

This current #RSD20 plan to spread the spotlight and the support over three months was devised by the global coordinators to give the largest number of stores a chance to participate in what will be a very unusual Record Store Day.

Thanks for continuing to support your local independent record shops throughout the pandemic. 

Stay safe.


Replay Records - Record Store Day Saturday 20th June 2020 8AM

A few rules:


We open at 8am, we will have a few members of staff to help form an orderly queue around the store, those that are familiar with the layout of the store, the queue will be along the left hand aisle, I (Scott) will be at the singles bar to greet each person and to take their order.

Because we only have limited stock, customers can only purchase up to 7 items at a time, no duplicate items of the same title can be purchased in one go. Please try and know in advance what titles you are hoping to buy.


Once you have purchased your order and you would like more items, you can re-join the queue.


If there is no queue, please feel free to purchase whatever you want (No restrictions)


Hopefully this will give most people a chance to buy something.


Regular updates of stock levels will be published on this website as the day progresses.


Please be patient and pleasant with others in the shop, let's have a fun and enjoyable time.


Good Luck. Scott & The Replay Records Team.

We do ask, please don't message us asking about stock lists or prices

our stock list will be posted on this page as soon as possible.

Here is the official UK list of releases

What releases do you want us to try and stock this year?

This is not an order form, we cannot guarantee that we will order or receive what you submit.

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