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 Replay Records - Record Store Day

Saturday 20 April 2024

We at Replay pride ourselves on how we run RSD. If you've never tried us for the day, please consider coming along. We are very organised, friendly and efficient.

The queuing starts at Friday teatime (nope we aren't joking!). The first 2 in the queue are regulars not just for RSD but they support the shop throughout the year. Are they crazy!? Nope they are dedicated music fans and nice guys too (thank you both). They are usually joined by a few more diehards in the very early hours of Saturday morning.

Staff will arrive at the store around 6am (that'll be me). Please have an idea (a list of what you hope to buy), whilst there is a queue we allow folks to buy just one of any title with a maximum of 10 items, we have increased the limit from 5 in the early years to 7 a couple of years ago and now 10 for the first time this year, thanks to your feedback previously, (we try to listen).

From 7am I will appear along the queue with my famous clipboard asking what items you want? I believe we are pretty unique in doing this, firstly we prepare in advance the first 20 orders (ready for opening at 8am),but most importantly we think it's a fair way of informing you if you will be lucky or unlucky with your wish list. If you are hoping for one or two of the most desirable items and i know that they will be gone to folks before you in the queue, I can tell you and hopefully that will give you enough time to get to another store that might have more of what you want. If you want more than 10 items, then you are free to re-join the queue and purchase more when your turn comes around again. If there is no queue (usually the queue is finished by 10am at the latest, we are efficient!) then you may purchase as many items as you like, no limits.


Whilst in the queue, please don't change your order when you are in the store as i will have confirmed to most folks in the queue, what they will be able to buy. One last thing, while there is a queue, general browsing of the RSD stock isn't possible, but from Tuesday we will have most items on display so feel free to pop in before the day and have a look some of the great titles (No sales until the day tho). Hopefully that is all clear and fair? There's plenty of free on street parking around the store, feel free to bring a chair to make the wait a little more comfortable.

We are pleased to announce that S&J Meats will be open from 6am serving Bacon Buns and Hot Drinks for anybody wanting some nourishment whilst waiting for the store to open. They are very close, just on the next block. Very reasonable prices too, so bring some loose change folks.


Please consider coming along, there is a great vibe to the event, folks hang around and chat too.

Regular updates of stock levels will be published on this website as the day progresses.


Please be polite and friendly at all times Scott & the Replay Team.

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