Kent Hilli - The Rumble

RELEASE DATE: 18/06/2021

FR CD 1128

Kent Hilli - The Rumble


Vocalist Kent Hilli’s debut solo album “The Rumble” is the culmination of the musical path that the Swedish singer started journeying down since he debuted with Swedish melodic rock upstarts Perfect Plan. Kent’s career in music started later in life than your average musician, at the beginning of '00s after he decided to quit his career as a football player.  While he started singing with a cover band in 2001, it was not until 2014 - when he started to write his own songs and playing with Perfect Plan - that he started to take a career in music more seriously. In 2017, when Perfect Plan completed their debut album "All Rise", the band got a deal with the Frontiers label. Upon the release of their first single 'In And Out Of Love', suddenly Kent’s astounding vocal abilities were known to an international audience and no longer a secret. Since that debut single, he has released two albums ("All Rise" - 2018, "Time For A Miracle" - 2020) and one covers EP ("Jukebox Heroes" - 2019).

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