Tora Tora - Wild America



Tora Tora - Wild America


Memphis boys Tora Tora injected a shot of adrenalin with their Blues Metal focus similar to bands such as Tesla, Cinderella and Great White's, heavier riffs and bluesier blues. One of the best bluesy Hair Metal bands with the biggest ace being the Plant style vocalist, Anthony Corder. Tora Tora was a band out of TN that hit the hard rock/metal scene in 1989 with their debut album Surprise Attack . The band had a great sound that put them outside of the 'hair metal' genre that was given to so many bands at the time. They had several videos that hit Headbanger's Ball back in the day and that was enough to earn them a few notable tours and a healthy following across the US. The debut album spawned the single Walkin' Shoes . The album sold well and the band toured with acts such as L.A Guns, Sass Jordan, Bonham, Dangerous Toys, and countless others. Then the band set out to write and record an amazing and sadly overlooked album. Wild America was released in the year of doom for all that was hard rock/metal, 1992. The band showed definite signs of growing yet the sound that worked so well for them stayed the same and sounded even better on new songs such as the title track Wild America , Lay Your Money Down and Dead Man's Hand . The sound was more mature, less metal sounding and seemed to embrace their roots a bit more. The album was extremely well produced and even spawned a couple of great singles/videos, Amnesia and Faith Healer . This reissue is remastered with 5 bonus tracks including the Walkin' Shoes single, Faith Healer remix and the song that was featured on the soundtrack for Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Dancing With A Gyspy . Track Listing: Wild America; Amnesia; Dead Man's Hand; As Time Goes By; Lay Your Money Down; Shattered; Dirty Secrets; Faith Healer; Cold Fever; Nowhere To Go But Down; City Of Kings - Bonus Tracks - Dancing With A Gypsy; Walkin' Shoes; Love's A Bitch; Hard Times; Faith Healer (Remix).


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